The European Parliament in a Czech context

The European Parliament in a Czech context

Jan Sadlo May 2019

Czech elections did not fully copy the trend of other European countries. Populist and nationalist parties did not succeed as much. Despite ANO often being painted as such, the party’s European policy is more positive.

In terms of the policy focus, ANO’s MEPs are expected to defend the Prime Minister against his EU funds misuse accusation and focus on issues such as dual-quality of food or Digital Single Tax. The Pirates were very much against the final wording of the Copyright Directive and we expect that digital policies will be their primary focus.

Key outcomes

• Prime Minister Babiš’s movement wins once again in a debacle for the leftist parties.

• The Czech Republic sends a total of 21 politicians to the European Parliament. The winner in a record-breaking Czech turnout (28.72 %) has been well-predicted – Andrej Babiš’s ANO movement with 21.2 % and 6 MEPs.

7 parties in total have won at least one seat, but interestingly enough, almost all of them are right-wing or center-right parties.

• There are 10 returning MEPs and 11 „newbies“.

3 current members of the Czech Parliament were elected and curiously enough, also a formed deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense for Civic Democrats, Alexandr Vondra.

Civic Democrats were able to secure 4 seats, confirming the party’s status as the main challengers of Andrej Babiš.

Czech Pirates came 3rd and will be sending 3 MEPs to navigate through the Brussels waters, closely followed by Mayors and Independents also with 3 (returning) MEPs.

• Czech voters also chose 2 representatives of SPD – Tomio Okamura, far right populists and nationalist party.

• 2 seats also went to the Cristian Democrats.

• The Social Democrats, despite being a government party with a visible policy shift towards a strong social affairs agenda, did not win a single seat.

• The Czech Communist Party did just a little better as Kateřina Konečná will be the only returning „comrade“.