The European Elections in Denmark

The European Elections in Denmark

June 2019

In Denmark the 2019 elections saw an increase in turnout from 2014 of 10% with 66% of voters casting their ballot.  

The Danish People’s Party (ex-ENI) was the biggest loser in Denmark, indicating a decline support for anti-European populist politics which bucked a wider trend across the EU. The party lost 3 seats from 2014. The Social Democrats (S&D) maintained its 3 seats, and its position as the second largest party in the European Parliament from Denmark.

The Liberal Party (Venstre) increased its share of the vote considerably, coming top in Denmark, and gaining an extra seat in Parliament, bringing their total to 3 seats. The Radical Liberals, the party of Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, also rose in the polls, increasing its representation from 1 seat in 2014, to 2 seats.

Following the election success of ALDE and La République en Marche in France, Margrethe Vestager reiterated her interest in the Presidency of the European Commission. While she has the support of the liberals, and has made a name for herself as an effective administrator in her current role as the EU’s Competition Commissioner, it is uncertain if the European Council would support her, especially since conservative and socialist-led governments would prefer to see a Commission President from their political family. It is possible however, that Verstager could emerge as a centrist compromise candidate.