The European Elections in Luxembourg

The European Elections in Luxembourg

June 2019

Turnout in Luxembourg for the 2019 European elections decline by 2% from the 2014 elections with 84% of registered voters going to the polls.

The governing party in Luxembourg, the Democratic Party (ALDE), led by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, won the European elections, increasing its share of the vote from 14% to 21% (from one seat to two seats). This is the first time ever that the Democratic Party has won the largest vote in the European elections.

The Democratic Party beat the Christian Social People’s Party (EPP), the party of former Prime Minister and current European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. They lost a considerable share of the vote (from 37% to 21%) and lost 1 MEP – from 3 to 2. The Green Party and Socialist Workers’ Party (S&D) each kept the same number of MEPs with one each.

Due to the small size of Luxembourg, the sheer numbers of the results will not significantly impact the formation of the European Parliament. However, being a founding Member State, Luxembourg has always punched above its weight, and has had three European Commission Presidents. Indeed, Xavier Bettel’s voice in the European Council could also be influential in pushing for a liberal Commission President, or at least another top job – and he goes to the Council with the renewed support of the Luxembourgish people, demonstrated in the elections.